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Thursday, November 27, 2014

APIF Gift Guide: Cecret Candles

APIF is kicking off its Gift Guide for this holiday season with Cecret Candles. The brand Cecret Candles is selling candles that are home made and hand poured with natural soy wax, shea-butter and essential fragrance oils. Besides smelling awesome, Cecret Massage Candles are also specifically made for use on the body and leave your skin feeling like silk. They melt at a safe and warm 102 degrees. Soy candles are clean-burning and eco-friendly. Do you already have an idea who you could gift these candles to? If not - I suggest you start with yourself!

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Find out more here:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

London Trip: Visiting Vou Brown

Londoners are really lucky, they have at least 4 different stores that sell Africa-inspired designs. Vou Brown in the north (Willesden) is one of them. The owner Liza Vou Goje of Nigerian heritage noticed one day that she always went with full suitcases to Nigeria and came back with empty ones. So instead of just exporting European/British goods/culture she decided to import some of her own culture by bringing designs, accessories and interior design pieces back to London. And so the Vou Brown store was born (Read older interview here).

What I like about Vou Brown is that it feels more like a market place and is a totally different experience from stylish hip stores like Soboye or elegant-trendy stores like Sapelle. It is really great to have several stores with different identities that all reflect African Fashion and Africa-inspired designs. NYC - we need to catch-up!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trending Right Now: Maasai Prints /Tartan/Plaid

Style Sketches
Thakoon 2011
Wan Fam Clothing
Karangis Collections
Karangis Collections
BlackBird Jeans
Adele Dejak
 Strolling through Brooklyn on a sunny Sunday afternoon in November, I realized I had to do this blog post: Nearly every second person - or so it felt - was wearing either a scarf, pants, jacket or carrying a bag in tartan. It was almost a bit overwhelming. Using tartan and especially the Maasai print in collections was done before in 2011 and 2013, but here we go again. Personally, I really like the Maasai shukas. I just got one in red & blue from the Urban Maasai and I am working on making a skirt and scarf out of it. 

How do you like it - are you rocking Maasai prints /tartan/plaid yet?

In case you missed this article - read it here: Tartan and the African Diaspora.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Originality & Diversity: Myriam Maxo

A huge teddy (in French "Doudou") is sitting in a corner of a store. It has no eyes and looks more like an interior design piece than a cuddly toy. An that is exactly the intention of artist and interior designer Myriam Maxo from Paris.

Myriam - the original creator of the African print teddies - considers them as art, sculptures for adults and not necessary toys for kids. She loves the reactions of people to her huge print teddies. Everyone usually wants to touch them! For her it's a way to re-connect people to their childhood via the emotions that the design piece triggers. Creating one of the bears takes Myriam 3-4 hours: dedicated art work as every teddy is handmade. The artist has produced several installations with her teddies at pop-up events, fashion shows, art events etc. 

Besides the teddies, Myriam is also creating flooring, pillows, wallpaper, furniture, lamps: "Through my work, I want to meet and merge cultures to meet a new market, that of the 'ethnic diversity'. I relate to each other through symbols, geometric shapes, colors, graphic shapes and urban areas."

Find out more: 
Sold in NYC at 3NY

First Afripop pop-up by ICAF in NYC

The organization I-CAF - International Coalition for African Fashion - hosted their first Afripop pop-up store event two Saturdays ago in NYC. The mission of I-CAF is to build a global community that supports growth and sustainability in the African Fashion industry. Several designers came together to sell their jewelry, bags, dresses, tees - you name it. It was a really fun event! If you missed it - no worries: The next Afripop pop-up store will open its doors on the 13th of December. It will be a one day event so mark your calendars and follow I-CAF so you won't miss it.

Any designers you would like to see & shop at the pop-up? Comment below!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just Splendid: The new Vlisco collection "Splendeur"

Vlisco is usually good for a wow moment with their innovative, vibrant prints and stunning images. Besides the real splendid fabrics of their latest "Splendeur" collection (splendid Splendeur - get it? ;-), I also noticed that this seems to be the first time that they used a model with curly, natural hair for their photo shoot. Has anyone else noticed that, too? 

How do you like the prints? I can't wait to get a sample and run to my local dressmaker to get something done!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The "Cupcake" Collection by SHE by Bena

 Photography: Charlene Asare  
Models: Kukua Buckman and Daisy Asare-Akoto

This collection by Ghanaian label SHE by Bena is actually called "Skittles" but I re-named it "Cupcake" as it is so pink, fluffy, sweet and girly. I came across these images via Pinterest and just had to share them. Pastel African Prints on a pink background - how more girly can you get? I am not necessarily a pastel color kind of girl, but I do like the aesthetics of this collection and the images are cute and give me good vibes. 

Are you a girly kind of girl? How do you like the collection? Comment below!

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