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Monday, September 1, 2014

Òkun: Africa-inspired beachwear for the ocean

Flocking to the sea / Crowds of people wait for me / Sea gulls scavenge / Steal ice cream / Worries vanish / Within my dream

The Africa-inspired beachwear label for men Òkun makes me somehow think about my absolute favorite song "The Sea" by Morcheeba. In Yoruba Òkun means Ocean. 

The label was created by Bola Marquis who left the corporate world to create a contemporary Africa-inspired fashion brand for men. The label offers canvas shoes and swim shorts that can also be worn away from the beach and for example on the golf course. The prints are custom made and an interpretation of traditional fabrics like Congolese Kuba, Kenyan Kikoy and African Wax prints. I love the aesthetic of the brand and especially the wallpaper!

How do you like the shoes and swim shorts?

Find out more:
i: @okunbeachwear

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Return of the Rudeboy: Some of my favorite pics

Photos by Dean Chalkley and Harris Elliott
One of the best exhibitions I have seen this year: Return of the Rudeboy. I was lucky to be in London early August for AFWL and went with some friends to check-out the exhibit at Somerset House. It was my first time at Somerset House and it is a great location so I can only urge everyone to go. The exhibit was inspiring and super interesting. I hope it will start touring!

From the exhibition text: "An urban journey that reflects the cultural heritage of the Rudeboy phenomenon: born in Jamaica, revived in mod and 2 Tone subculture, and culminating in the manifestations documented. (...) Rudeboys and Rudegirls are (...) visual commentators expressing attitude, individuality and integrity through their personal style and mind set."

Did you see it? Know any Rudeboys or Rudegirls yourself?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Kibonen NY presents her SS2015 collection at NY Fashion Week

Kibonen NY will present her SS2015 collection titled Multifarious at NY Fashion Week on Tuesday, September 9th at 8 pm. Kibonen Nfi was selected by the Art Institutes of NYC to show at fashion week and joins the list of only a few designers of African heritage like Deola Sagoe and David Tlale who will show their collections in NY this September.

Her Multifarious collection is colorful, fun, trendy and combines African prints with her own textile creations. I love the crop top and the green dress - what is your favorite?

Find out more:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Impressions: AfroPunk 2014

AfroPunk - this is hands down one of the best festivals of the year. It is chilled, great atmosphere and people show off their coolest and daring styles. And of course let's not  forget the music!

I snapped tons of images - check them out on my Instagram and Facebook page and let me know which one you like best!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quantity instead of Quality at Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL)

Trainers by Gnostic Jungle: The coolest discovery at AFWL
London is always worth a trip in my book and I hadn't been back for ages. So I was looking forward to attending AFWL. While preparing for the trip and scheduling meetings with industry stakeholders, I noticed that most of the people I was trying to meet before/during/after the show, did not really intend to visit AFWL. That made me suspicious, but I was determined to go and form my own opinion. 

It first dawned on me that I probably wasn't in for a treat after I received the schedule for AFWL: 30 designers per day and I hadn't heard of any of them - except 2. I checked with some other bloggers to see if it was just me but no - they didn't know most of the listed designers either.

One of the vendors selling alongside AFWL
So long story short: If you expected fashion forward designs and the latest trends in Africa-inspired Fashion and a show of the most successful and hottest African Designers to date - that wasn't what AFWL delivered. It was more a mixture of young designers presenting their first collection, ready-to-wear mixed with some party and evening outfits. Besides some small highlights - dare I say - it was overall just mediocre.

At a time where African Fashion is trending and almost every city is coming up with its own Africa Fashion Week I was expecting more from AFWL. The event didn't foreshadow the next trends and designers or even presented current London-based African designers that already are or will be rocking the fashion world. After seeing the shows of Beat of Africa in Rome and the report about Africa Fashion Day Berlin - AFWL just didn't live-up to my expectations.

L - Kiyanawraps / R -Moonlook
Moving forward I believe that the concepts of Africa Fashion Day Berlin as well as Beat of Africa - that were part of the infrastructure and took place during the actual fashion weeks in Rome and Berlin - are more successful concepts and will ensure quality as well as give African Designers the necessary visibility, exposure and opportunity within the industry.

This is my reflection on AFWL - what are your thoughts?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Today at Soul of Brooklyn: AfroPolitan Tees and AfricanCity Bags

We had such a great time today at the kick-off festival of Soul of Brooklyn by Mocada. It was the first time ever we sold the AfricanCity bags and the AfroPolitan tees at a festival. The e-store isn't up yet, if you want one of these products please inbox me at

Here are the prices:
  • Crop Top 19.00 USD/GBP/EUR
  • Tees (w&m) 24.00 USD/GBP/EUR
  • Big Bag 19.99 USD/GBP/EUR
  • Small Bag 14.99 USD/GBP/EUR

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lena Hoschek: Austria's answer to Stella Jean?

Graz-based designer Lena Hoschek wowed the audience at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin with her designs inspired by African prints. The collection titled "Hot Mama Africa" - ouch, yes that's what it was really called - combined feminine cuts from the 50ies and 60ies with the colorful and multifaceted prints. 

It wasn't as bold and fashion-forward as the first collection from Stella Jean, but the overall aesthetic and just the fact that Hoschek's whole collection was Africa-inspired and not just some pieces, made me think of the Haitian-Italian designer. But even though I am poking fun at the oh so stereotypical title, I really like the dresses and can see myself wearing one. Worth mentioning: Per sold clothing 2 Euro are being donated to SWAP – Safe Water and AIDS Project.

How do you like the collection?

Find out more:


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