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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fashion Finds: PrintMatches

This is another Africa-inspired clutch that I saw at ALDO yesterday. And again, as was the beaded clutch 2 weeks ago, on sale for 20 Dollars. The colors and prints reminded me of a halter top dress I once had made in Ghana.  
The shop attendant saw me taking pictures of the bag (oops) and recommended that I have a look at the matching pumps. However, the set was a little too matchy-matchy for my taste. So the clutch and the shoes stayed in the store, but at least they found their way to my blog.


  1. I would looove if you did a post on online stores selling dope African print fabrics.

  2. Hi Emme,

    I did a piece on the online store MY ASHO that sells clothes of African designers as well as African inspired designs:

    However, the topic how African designers are distributing their designs is a very interesting one, as many of their websites have no shop option integrated. I am currently researching that topic so hold tight - I will post something soon.


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