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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fati Asibelua - Putting African Fashion on the Map

ASIBELUA - Autumn/Winter 2011
During NY Fashion Week I discovered the Nigerian designer Fati Asibelua. I love the colors and the sleek designs and that these outfits can actually be worn in winter. I already sent an email to my sister, who happens to live in Abuja, and asked her to check out Asibelua's stores. 

Her label MOMO is already very popular on the African continent. However, the designer's aim is to put African fashion on the map in a more permanent way – by creating an international label that has a distinctive African signature while appealing to a much broader market.

ASIBELUA - Autumn/Winter 2011
The new label, ASIBELUA, is targeted at the international fashion market. Fati Asibelua: "I have passion for my African roots that is only matched by my passion for luxury fabrics. In putting together my collections, I try to combine these twin passions, interpreting elements of African art with couture fabrics and silhouettes".

ASIBELUA - Autumn/Winter 2011
"The street energy of Africa is really special for me," says Fati Asibelua. "But I also love London, which is like a second home to me. My goal is to build ASIBELUA into a truly luxury African fashion label with genuine international appeal." Way to go!


  1. Love her work. And keep up the good work your doing here on your blog.

  2. Thanks for your feedback AJ - much appreciated.


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