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Friday, December 2, 2011

Printlicous: H&M collaborates with Marni

Italian designer label Marni, who is not afraid of using bold as well as "tribal" and graphical prints, announced their collaboration with H&M for a spring collection. The collection is supposed to hit the stores on the 8th of March 2012.
To quote Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni: "I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints."

Yeah, I cannot wait - Marni designs for H&M prices. This is the first collaboration in a very long time that will make me line up outside of the store. Hopefully the run on H&M will not be too crazy, as Marni might not be as well known to the H&M customer base as for example Versace. No matter what - the 8th of March is already marked in my calendar.

Are you guys excited about the Marni and H&M collaboration?


  1. African prints is taking over!!!!

  2. This is so cool, will def look out for it in March.

  3. Oh, so exited for this colaboration not only for their prints but hopefully they'll include some of their funky jewlery as well...


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