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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Print-Outfits for the Office: What would u wear?

My extended X-Mas holidays are over, and I will have to go back to work tomorrow. In order to brighten up the first day at work and to break the typical all black NY look that I usually end up with, here are some suggestions for colorful print-outfits for the office. 

Which of these outfits would you wear in the office?
 1: Duro Olowu, 2: Saffron, 3: Marni, 4: Jewel by Lisa


  1. I would definitely wear no 2 because of my work environment. It's classy and subtle. And second choice would be no 4

  2. I would also wear number 2 and 4 in the office and combine the coat from 1 with a neutral all black outfit.


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