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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prints of the Week: Get Your Skirt On!

I am a skirts girl! So when I saw these colorful skirts from Boxing Kitten, I just had to order one and do a little blog post, too.  I already own a short skirt - they call this design the Tina Mini Skirt - from the same label and I have worn it many many times. So I just know that the investment will be worth it. Also, I can do with some more color in my closet.

Guess which one I ordered? 
Hint: It would also be an amazing design for an Easter Egg.


  1. You have such a great eye for style! I love all three of these fabulous skirts, each one is better than the other (if thats possible!).

    Candace Belle

  2. Thanks Candace :-) I love all of them, too. But I like the one on the far left best.

  3. Great finds K! I love the designs and the bold colors. A great combination. What is a typical price point for these skirts?

  4. Thank you Yas! The mini skirts are 79 bucks, the longer but not as colorful pencil skirts are 89.

  5. Love the one on the right! Great for summer...


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