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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prints of the Week: LOUD

Check-out the cool and colorful outfits from young British designer duo Abi Fashesin and Ashley-Rae Tapping. They founded their fashion label LOUD on facebook a couple of years ago. Pretty inspiring how far you can get nowadays with Social Networks! The two ladies mix traditional prints, that represent their cultural heritage, with contemporary designs. I totally love their vibrant and modern outfits. From the above picture I would like to have the Jacket & Bikini Top as well as the Boob Tube in my closet.

Which outfit do you like best?

Find out more:


  1. BANG! Loved it *.* You've got an amazing blog :)

  2. these are great designs. wow, am soooooo!!!!! proud 2 b African

  3. this is great style. am sooo proud 2 b African


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