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Monday, June 11, 2012

Head Turner: Tee Dresses by RenéeQ

How do you like the tee dresses from Ghanaian designer RenéeQ. 
Which one would you wear?

Find out more:


  1. wow, these dresses are amazing! i have to say that the blue dress (the first pic) is my fave x

  2. My fav is the last one kind of mix of African prints and vintage!

  3. Gosh Ms K your eye for style is magnificent!! Love all of them and if I must choose it would be the last photo. Its funny all the fashions you post I keep thinking how great they would look on you. One day for sure! Such strong confident powerful looks.

  4. LOL, thanks Candace, I wish ;-) I like the last one best, too.


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