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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Africa Fashion Week NY (AFWNY) - Day 1: My Highlights

I wanted to share some of the collections from the AFWNY show on Thursday the 12th that I liked best. Let me know your thoughts - which look do YOU like?

The designs were like a summer breeze - flowy, in light colors and thin materials.

I am absolutely in love with her designs. This was my favorite of the day.
The designs are stylish and present prints elegantly mixed in with other textiles. The oversize print clutches were great add-ons. I need some of her designs in my life and closet!

Fresh and happy summer dresses. The collection mixed African Prints with other textiles like jeans, which gave the designs an overall young look. The cut of the skirts and dresses looked as if they will put a spring in everyone's step.

Turquoise was the dominant color of this collection. I liked the print shorts best - surprisingly, as I am usually not into shorts at all - but they were just sexy and cool. I wasn't overall in love with this collection, probably the repetition of the same color and print kind of tired my eyes, but I wanted to share it anyhow.

All Pics by Andrew Adlam


  1. I love the oversize print clutches, I need one these in my closet

    1. LOL - check-out her etsy page, she is selling them there!

  2. I wish I could've been there. It looks awesome.

  3. why didnt i kno about this show? was it exclusive? nice pix

    1. it was open to Press and people from the industry and they also sold tix online - it takes place every year so mark your calendar!

  4. thanks for sharing.


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