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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Africa Fashion Week NY (AFWNY) - Day 2: My Highlights

Vanessa Mukasa Collection

All Pics by Candace Bell

Ill La La Designs Collection

All Pics by Candace Bell

Vanessa Mukasa (Uganda) and Ill La La Designs (working with artisans in Ghana, Rwanda and other African countries) were my favorite designers showing on Friday at AFWNY. The dresses from Vanessa Mukasa and one of her jackets made me jump out of my seat. I hope she will start selling her creations online soon, as I would look fabulous in them. The prints that Ill La La Designs used were stunning. I love it if prints stand out due to their uniqueness, not just because they are bold.

I would be very interested to hear which design you like best!


  1. I love the green pattern onewith the model wearing the green headpiece best !

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jada - I like that dress, too, and I am love with the jacket and the yellow-blue dress.

  2. NICE!that orange and white skirt is doing it for me!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful patterns...
    They all took my breathe away, and Im a huge sucker for tribal prints!
    Love everything!
    Great post


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