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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bags with a Conscience: Furaha

Furaha is committed to empower women in Uganda and change their lives. With the "Weave out poverty" initiative they are trying to impact women's lives by promoting and supporting basket weaving skills.The idea is to offer women a source of employment and income. Besides helping a good cause, these bags are gorgeous! I also like the photography a lot - especially the market pic.

Some of these bags can be purchased here:

Like Furaha on facebook:


  1. where can i get one of these

  2. I want a bag,where can I purchase one?

    1. Thanks for your feedback guys - you can buy the bags here:

    2. Wow, I can see that African prints are becoming much popular these days, and they have started becoming visible in the handbags and purse as well.


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