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Monday, July 2, 2012

Eye-Catcher: The new Wambui Mukenyi collection

The new collection from Kenyan designer Wambui Mukenyi takes it even up a notch from her last designs regarding edginess and boldness. I have to admit: whenever something glitters, it already has plus points in my bag. So the yellow and silver piece, that would have also been perfectly placed in any Michael Jackson video, are just my absolute favorite.  

What do you think? Curious to hear which Wambui Mukenyi piece you cannot take your eyes off!

Read the interview with Wambui Mukenyi here:
"Making a bold fashion statement".

Find out more:


  1. The first look is great, classy version of LAdy Gaga:)

  2. You are right! I like the first look best, too.

  3. Yeah she looks perfect in that first looks


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