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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Snapshots: Africa Fashion Week NY (AFWNY) - Day 3

AFWNY drew an eclectic and interesting crowd. I met a lot of great, creative and interesting people. Below are some more style snapshots. 
What is your favorite outfit?

Great outfits all three of them, right?

Right: Designer Kibonen Nfi.

Left: Make-up Artist/Hairstylist Etta Young. Right: Moi.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ciaa - it was a great event, I wish I could just hop on a plane and go to the one in London in a couple of weeks, too.

  2. Everyone looked amazing..Love the looks!
    I wish I could find events out here were I live..
    Im in California and I cant seem to find awesome events like
    new follower! ;)

    1. Thanks for following! There is actually an event called Africa Fashion Week LA that is supposed to take place in October this year - check-out their facebook here:

  3. The three ladies standing together look great! Who are they?

    1. I know they really do look awesome. Unfortunately I don't know who they are, it was just a quick snapshot before the show continued.


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