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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fabric Rings from Triballery

I had to finally share with you my favorite rings from the African Fabric jewellery and accessory label Triballery. These rings add a great pop to unicolored outfits. I have been wearing these print rings with a green dress, a pinkish dress and a purple-brown colored one. It always looked great! But as they are made out of fabric, don't forget to take them off before washing your hands. I actually forgot it once but luckily they survived one wash.

Find out more about the UK brand here:


  1. I love those rings!!! so big and colorful!!! xxx

  2. Thanks for your feedback - those rings are currently my favorite accessory!

  3. These rings are fab! I remember seeing them on you and saying to myself what a great pop of style!

  4. I love these rings, the colors are vibrant, very beautiful! Will look them up to get a few :) ~ Global Jewelry


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