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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Re-belle with Republic of Foreigner (ROF)

                                                    Photography FOLARIN SHASANYA @ STUDIOFLOW PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                    Styling TEAM ROF
                                                    Talent STEPHANIE CHIBERA OKWU @ XWIZIT
                                                    Talent BUNMI ADEWUNMI @ XWIZIT
                                                    Make Up BARBARA ONIANWAH @ BARBARA & 1923
                                                    Post Production FOLARIN SHASANYA @ STUDIOFLOW PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                    Art Direction TEAM ROF

The new collection from Nigeria-based design label Republic of Foreigner (ROF) reminds me of Theory and Rag & Bone with a twist. Clean and interesting cuts like Theory - subtle elegant and a relaxed feel like Rag & Bone. I really like the name of the collection "Re-belle": a mixture of rebellion and beauty - which is quite fitting when looking at these designs.

Here is the much more sophisticated explanation from the ROF press release: "The Re-Belle Collection is a dynamic display of feminized militarism. (...), while real military garments/uniforms often enforce hierarchy and conformity, subcultures often subvert this meaning into one of non-conformity and individualism--for this reason, the name of the collection "Re-belle" was inspired." Touché!

I can see myself in this collection. My favorite is the interesting cut dress in the second picture as well as the dotted blouse and the print pants.  
What are your favorites?

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  1. Love the print pants too! Ever since getting the print pants from Marni at H&M I'm in love with colorful pants.

  2. I love the clothes! Just started following:)

  3. wow. nice outfits <3 find the prints very amazing and oyur blog is interesting <3



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