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Saturday, August 18, 2012

This fall is going to be stellar: The Stella Jean FW collection

Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean is presenting one collection after the other. Quite impressive for a new and emerging designer. After her Spring/Summer and the extra swimsuits collection, she wows again with her Fall/Winter designs, and proofs that she is one designer to reckon with!

The styling, combination of textiles and the designs are breathtaking - again. I am really blown away by the winter coats and how she worked the African prints into these fury and fluffy materials. I want one of her items in my closet badly. Hopefully, she will offer a proper online-shopping platform soon!

In case you missed it: Read my interview with Stella Jean here: "This collection reflects me completely".

How do you like Stella Jean's Fall/Winter collection?


  1. It's like Alice in an African Wonderland! Love it!

  2. Great collection. The use of African prints combined with checkered fabrics is just fabulous.

  3. love the mix of African and the west!!! xxx


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