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Saturday, September 8, 2012

African Prints in Interior Design

Eva Sonaike
Eclectic Chair - H is for Home
Atelier Africa
Designer: Bismark Yaw Osei; Contact: Svenja Heinrich (Dakar Kids)
Binta Armchair
Cultural Toast
Africa Mud Cloth Chair
Banke Kuku
Designs by Fara Creation Dakar; Contact: Svenja Heinrich (Dakar Kids)
Josef Wingback - Anthropologie
Patrice Alexis-George

After discovering the Josef Wingback chairs by Anthropologie, I wanted to see what else is out there regarding furniture and African Prints. This is a selection of my top finds. I really like the mud cloth chair and the colorful, eclectic ones from H is for Home best. Also the leather patchwork designs are pretty awesome.

Which piece can you see in your apartment?


  1. this is a great post! i love how versatile african fabric can be xxx

  2. Ahhhh! (picking myself up off the floor) This is what I live for!! You have officially made my day. I focus on resourcing Africentric products/ materials for clients so this post is pure cat-nip for me. Sending you a hug THANK YOU.

  3. Thank you ladies, I am happy to hear that you like the post.

  4. Love these prints, really vibrant colours and unique patterns x

  5. I really like the chair from Patrice Alexis-George. The colour is very stunning. The cushions on the couch/sofa are very pretty as well.

  6. Ooh I really like the Mud Cloth chair! The contrast between the fabric and the style of the chair is awesome.

  7. Great finds! I like them all especially the woven chairs by Svenja Heinrich.

  8. ahhhh I think I love everything... gonna try a DIY maybe to make the pillows

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  9. Lovely compilation, feeling that mudcloth chair as a reading chair in a corner of my living room :-)

  10. Thanks for your feedback guys. I also love all of these designs. I need a much bigger apartment so that I can go crazy!

  11. I am glade to see African print is branching off into furniture. There is so few of this out there. Keep hope alive.

  12. Hi, I'm Heather, the woman behind Eclectic Chair. Thank you so much for featuring my African print reupholstered 1950s dining chairs. I love African fabric, I think it's the vitality of it, and also it has a lot of geometric qualities, and also it's a bit bonkers! I'm hoping to do another set in the more earthy colours of the plains. I love those chairs by Anthropologie. I think African print works really well with retro and vintage furniture from the 1960s, not quite sure why, but it looks cool. I don't have any African connection in my family, just a love of colour and pattern. I'll be following your posts via Facebook now, and you can follow me there too at ECLECTIC-CHAIR. Thanks :)

  13. I just liked the chair from Patrice Alexis-George and Mud Cloth chair as well. The contrast between the fabric and the style of the chair is awesome.
    Celebrity Interior Designer

  14. so creative and inspiring

    thanx for sharing this


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