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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prints of the Week: Deola Sagoe

I stumbled over Nigerian Designer Deola Sagoe in an article on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AFRICA. I immediately fell for her esthetics and use of color. My favorite look is the first one in green and blue: sporty, elegant and stylish. 

On her website Deola explains what kind of woman she designs for: "A woman who uses color to mirror her mood. She is vital – energetic – not the shy, retiring, type, but she also knows the appropriate time to hold her peace."

Which of her designs fit your mood? 

Find out more:


  1. wow, all the above designs look exquisite! will definately check out her designs x

  2. There's just something about pic 5 that is calling my name. Simply gorgeous!


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