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Sunday, December 2, 2012

7 Dresses till X-Mas: Dress 4

For the next Sundays I will do a little holiday countdown with dresses. I love a bit of sparkle for my outfits when attending holiday parties or dinners. And with this Sunday series, I want to share stylish and festive dresses from African Designers with you!

Wow, just three more dresses and it will be X-Mas. Why is time always flying the last couple months of the year? I will be vacationing in Germany from the 17th of December on, so cannot wait! Dress 4 is a long elegant but funky dress from Jewel by Lisa. This would look great with a short fake fur coat or west!
Ooops, I just noticed that all dresses in this post are so far from Nigerian or Ghanaian designers!

Which of these 4 dresses would u rock for a holiday party?

Dress 4 - Jewel by Lisa
Dress 3 - by Mina Evans
Dress 2 - by House of Marie
Dress 1 - by Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi


  1. Dress #4. Jewel by Lisa... Beautifully crafted.

  2. I am loving #4 too, followed by #3!

  3. I concur. Dress #3 and #4 are statement party dresses...<3

  4. This dress is devine!! Love the play of colors and perforated style. Looks like something I would like to incorporate in my own style :-)


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