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Friday, December 28, 2012

Preview: The Duro Olowu at jcp Collection

jcp released a preview of their upcoming Spring collection with Nigerian designer Duro Olowu. What can I say, this makes me even more excited than I already was beforehand. I can see myself in most of the items and with all the bags and clutches. I love the fact that he added some interior design pieces like rugs and vases into the mix. The overall look is very Duro Olowu - which is a relief, as I was worried his design aesthetic might change for the jcp collaboration.

Is there anything in the preview that you really like?
Find out more:
f: jcp on facebook


  1. I just love the pop of color and design in the home collection. Definitely stand out pieces!

  2. Awesome! Beautiful collections I really like your women Designer Clothes, Women Bags and all accessories and things. Thanks For sharing lovely post.


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