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Friday, December 14, 2012

'Share Your Style' Friday!

Cool Mini Dresses - Sequin dress here / very cool mini dress here / Print dress here 

It is another Friday - wohoo for that! And today is special for me as it is my last workday before the X-Mas holidays. On Sunday I am already heading to Germany! I am super excited as I haven't spent Christmas there in over 4 years.

Today's "Share Your Style Friday" pic comes from Claudia, a Ghanaian who lives in the UK. On her video blog Diabellgood she discusses fashion, hair and beauty. In this picture she is wearing a Kente bustier mini dress. This outfit is fab for the summer but can also work in the winter with thick tights, boots and a cardigan.

What do you guys think - Hot or Not?

If you want to send in your style shot, just email a picture to


  1. Cute dress! I love her hair x

  2. she's fab in this dress and knows how to work a good face!


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