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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog Favorites: 12 of 2012

Starting from top left to right: 
January: Aschobi
February: Pearl 1130
April: Stella Jean
August: Demestiks NYC
October: Toubab Paris
December: Duro Olowu

2012 is almost over! How has this year been treating you? 2012 was a mixed bag for me. A lot of cool things happened like the Green Card, the growth of my blog, my brother's wedding, making new friends in the blogging community. And also some not so great stuff happened like the end of my relationship and a fall-out with a friend. But this is life, it isn't always rosy. 

From an APiF perspective I must say it was a great year for African Fashion / African Fashion Designers. Above is a short summary of 12 blog highlights of 2012! Let me know your favorite. Happy New Year - may it be a fab one.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Preview: The Duro Olowu at jcp Collection

jcp released a preview of their upcoming Spring collection with Nigerian designer Duro Olowu. What can I say, this makes me even more excited than I already was beforehand. I can see myself in most of the items and with all the bags and clutches. I love the fact that he added some interior design pieces like rugs and vases into the mix. The overall look is very Duro Olowu - which is a relief, as I was worried his design aesthetic might change for the jcp collaboration.

Is there anything in the preview that you really like?
Find out more:
f: jcp on facebook

Sunday, December 23, 2012

7 Dresses till X-Mas: Dress No. 7

For the next Sundays I will do a little holiday countdown with dresses. I love a bit of sparkle for my outfits when attending holiday parties or dinners. And with this Sunday series, I want to share stylish and festive dresses from African Designers with you!

I saved the best for last! This stunning dress from Iconic Invanity is dress No. 7! It sparkles, it is gorgeous and will be an eye stopper at every party.

So there you have it - all our lovely 7 festive dresses! Which one is your favorite? Christmas in Germany is on the 24th (don't ask, no idea why) and thus I am wishing all of you a very Happy Holiday weekend!

Dress 7 - Iconic Invanity
Dress 6 - Coccolily
Dress 5 - Pearl 11 30

Dress 4 - Jewel by Lisa
Dress 3 - by Mina Evans
Dress 2 - by House of Marie
Dress 1 - by Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Prints of the Week: Adah Lux

Photography: Adrian Adel
I came across these pics when searching for some nice print pants. This is the 2011 collection from designer Adah Lux, who is of Ghanaian heritage. The designs are contemporary and trendy. Unfortunately, there seem to be no recent collections listed on their website or facebook page; I hope the label will continue to exist.

Find out more:

Friday, December 21, 2012

'Share Your Style' Friday

It is "Share Your Style" Friday again. I am posting this a little late today, as I am now on holiday in Germany. I am having a blast: X-Mas is around the corner, most of my old buddies are available to meet for Gluehwein (mulled wine) and whenever I have a chance I walk around the Christmas Market in Heidelberg. But enough about me!

Today's style pics are from Fatima Mendonca Dias. Fatima is from Luxembourg. In the left pic she is rocking a prints jacket that she got from ASOS. I love ASOS by the way, I think they are hard to top regarding price and contemporary styles. On the right picture Fatima is wearing another of her African print jackets and combined it with a red skirt and heels.

I like both jackets, but I like the green & blue one best as the colors are just more me. How about you? Is this outfit top - or not?

If you want to share YOUR style, please send an email with a picture and some information to
Similar outfits:
Asos Africa Peplum Jacket - here
Asos Africa Tunic - here
Asos Mono Print Jacket - here 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

X-Mas Gift Ideas!

X-Mas is around the corner. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I am luckily done. I know that X-Mas is not about exchanging presents (only), but it gives me great joy to give things to people. It is just fun! Here are some ideas from Africa-inspired designers and shops on etsy.

BHF Magazine, QuellyRue, Seiwa Akoto, Peacock by Jemba
Hali Matu, Peacock by Jemba, Mawusi, Peacock by Jemba


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nikaule: Born from a Passion

APiF: Please introduce your business and your designs.  
Paule-Marie Assandre: NiKaule describes my vision of a mixed world, enriched by every difference. An African culture between tradition and modernity, that reveals an inspiring continent in harmony with the rest of the world.

APiF: How does your heritage influence/inspire your designs? 
Paule-Marie: Born from a passion handed down from mother to daughter, in a family artistic context, NiKaule cultivates her creativity by taking inspiration everywhere. The African patrimony is the essence of her art. Mixed with other cultures, it materializes the future of the universe.

APiF: If your label would be a person, what kind of person would it be?
Paule-Marie: Humble- Free- Humanist- Audacious- Innovator- Passionate- Idealistic- Respectful.

APiF: Fashion Finds: What is your favorite piece in your closet or of your collection and why?
Paule-Marie: My Favorite piece is our iconic Jacket named "Classic". Bestseller since 2009, this Jacket totally Hand Made by African Artisans materializes the Main concept of the brand: a mix between African Fabric, Culture and Fashion World.

APiF: How do you market your designs and how do you make them accessible to a Global audience? /Where can readers purchase your designs? 
Paule-Marie: Our collection is available to buy on ASOS.

APiF: What do you like wearing for holiday parties? 
Paule-Marie: Our Little Black Dress named “Karacteri’Elle” - Vintage gold earring & Red Lipstick. Minimalist Glamour Style!

APiF: Any tips for new designers/start-ups in the fashion industry? 
Paule-Marie: Be yourself first. Be Free to live your passion. Share your vision and be happy! #Sky is the Limit#

Find out more:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

7 Dresses till X-Mas: Dress No. 6

For the next Sundays I will do a little holiday countdown with dresses. I love a bit of sparkle for my outfits when attending holiday parties or dinners. And with this Sunday series, I want to share stylish and festive dresses from African Designers with you!

Dress No. 6 is by Coccolily, the label from designer Naana Tennachie Yankey.
It is from their Summer 2013 collection, but in my opinion it is also a perfect holiday dress. I would wear it with a sequin jacket or a nice fake fur vest!

What is your opinion to our No.6 dress? Have you made up your mind yet what you will wear for the holidays? 

Dress 6 - Coccolily
Dress 5 - Pearl 11 30

Dress 4 - Jewel by Lisa
Dress 3 - by Mina Evans
Dress 2 - by House of Marie
Dress 1 - by Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi

Friday, December 14, 2012

'Share Your Style' Friday!

Cool Mini Dresses - Sequin dress here / very cool mini dress here / Print dress here 

It is another Friday - wohoo for that! And today is special for me as it is my last workday before the X-Mas holidays. On Sunday I am already heading to Germany! I am super excited as I haven't spent Christmas there in over 4 years.

Today's "Share Your Style Friday" pic comes from Claudia, a Ghanaian who lives in the UK. On her video blog Diabellgood she discusses fashion, hair and beauty. In this picture she is wearing a Kente bustier mini dress. This outfit is fab for the summer but can also work in the winter with thick tights, boots and a cardigan.

What do you guys think - Hot or Not?

If you want to send in your style shot, just email a picture to

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prints of the Week: Fela Collection by Buki Akib

The bag is from the new Wives Collection from Buki Akib - the rest from her Fela collection
Buki Akib is a Nigerian knitwear designer who made herself a name with her graduate collection from London's Saint Martins college titled "Fela". Her bag collection by the way is called 'Wives' and is inspired by Fela's women. Seems like the Afrobeat icon inspired her quite a bit. How do you like the collection?
Find out more:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sass and Bide - Ethical Fashion: Get the look!

The label Sass & Bide is joining the Ethical Fashion Initiative that cooperates with artisans in Haiti as well as on the African continent. With their ethical collection they join big names like Vivienne Westwood who also produced some bags together with this Initiative.

Get the look! I found some really awesome and affordable (at least most of them!) beaded pouches and clutches at Anthropologie that might help to imitate the look (hmmm, is this unethical I am wondering just now?). I think I need the black and white beaded one. There are also some really great necklaces that will give any wardrobe a pop! Do you have a favorite? Shop here: 

Shop here
Shop here
Shop here
Shop here
Shop here
Shop here
Shop here


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