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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Style Spread: Elle South Africa

Elle South Africa kicks-off the year with a beautiful fashion spread featuring several African designers like Ituen Basi, Babatunde, Deola Sagoe, Marianne Fassler and many more. I really love the every day settings at a hair dresser, a bus stop and at a local market. And of course the designs and combinations are just fab and inspire me to step-up my game the next time I go to the market to shop some veggies.

Read the behind the scenes interview here!

Photos by Ross Garrett / Styling by Poppy Evans - Elle South Africa, January 2013


  1. Love last photo!So beautiful and fashion!

  2. wow.....
    this is beautiful...
    nice pics nd nice concept...

  3. This is their best issue! I couldn't put it down! Loooooved it! Great Post!

  4. Beyond Freaking Beautiful!!!!

  5. I looove the pictures, very beautiful!


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