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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Share Your Style Friday (SYSF)

It is "Share Your Style Friday (SYSF)" again! Today we have Tamara Pooka Spencer - she was born in Jamaica and lives now in NYC. She sketched the outfit herself and then got it made! I love the pretty simple design that works just perfectly with this bold print. Tamara wore this outfit for a fashion shoot in the East Village (NYC).

How do you like today's SYSF pic - is this outfit hot or not? Please  comment below!


  1. love this series. And her outfit is so hot, African queen

  2. This print and design are so beautiful! Love the green! ~ Global Jewelry

  3. Oh wow! I lv that print! Just discovered ur blog- great stuff:-)
    happy holidays. Xoxo fm Kenya!


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