Duro Olowu SS18

Consistency of Excellence: Duro Olowu SS18

New collection, same designs? What I like about Duro Olowu is, that new collections are never completely different – there are always recognizable elements. Shapes like the beautiful dresses and prints, the…


L’Artisane: The return of the Boubou

The boubou is a traditional, formal attire from West Africa. The garment when worn at festivities or important events – the “grand boubou” – is usually decorated and embroidered. Inspired by her…

Ghanaians you should know

10 Ghanaians You Should Know

Maybe I am biased. Okay I guess I am, but recently it felt like I am noticing a lot of Ghanaians doing their thing and being innovators, creative leaders, disruptors and entrepreneurs.…

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