Where can I get that? Shopping Africa-inspired designs online

Whenever I am posting a cool design, the number one question is: Where can I get that? To get your hands on items from African Designers can be tricky at times, if they don’t have an online-shop on their website. Here is a selection of shopping platforms that offer clothes and accessories from African designers: (Updated July 2018)

My own store africaboutik.us

summer time

This is my own store where I am selling different designs of canvas bags with African City names – the African City Bag . As well as stylish accessories from artisans across the African continent, interior design items like throw-overs & blankets, baskets, upholstered furniture with an African Twist, ruffle blouses, tops, skirts & dresses!  Go to https://www.africaboutik.us/ and check it out!


African fashion Online


Shop African Fashion Online – the tag line of Kisua. The store is focused on high-end African Fashion made in Africa. I have shopped already several items here and was never disappointed. Elegant, cool aesthetic and they ship very quickly. Great place to look for items to mix with your everyday outfits.

Online store specializing in African and Africa-inspired Fashion. Besides being a go-to platform for designs, Zuvaa also wants to establish itself as an online Community. Zuvaa has become one of the biggest platforms to buy African Fashion online.


The shopping platform Afrikrea was founded in France but also offers an English version of their page. Afrikrea is the “etsy” of African Fashion, as they have a lot of African Fashion designers selling their clothing, accessories and designs on their platform. There is hardly anything you cannot find here, so check it out.

African Fashion Online

Accessories and designs from emerging designers and smaller labels. Here you can find designers like Doris & Doris, Modahnik, Adjoa Osei and many more.

Nubian Hueman

Online boutique and also real store located in Washington, DC. Here you can find edgy and fashion-forward designs by African and Africa-inspired designers. Rompers, luxury clutches, dresses, bags, sneakers – you name it!

African Fashion Online

Melange Mode

Famous for their beautiful maxi and mini skirts – everyone should have a Melange Mode item in their closet. The designs are simple, yet chic and sexy. Shop here if you are in need of some great new print skirts.


Ready to wear – ready to shine. Come here for some ready to wear African Fashion. Modern, fresh designs to affordable prices. I bought one of my favorite skirts here!

African Fashion Online


This Paris-based platform offers many cool and new designers that push the envelope and redefine what African Fashion is all about. A bit on the higher end regarding prices, however very inspirational and they offer beautiful accessories, too.

 BHF Shopping Mall
Great shopping platform that is part of the BHF Magazine. They offer interior design and paintings as well as accessories, bags and clothes. The prices range from anything between 20 bucks to over 400. I especially like their necklaces and bags.

Is there another great shopping platform that I missed? Please comment below and let me know!

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