Collection ‘Dazzling Graphics’ from Vlisco

These ladies look amazing in the cloth they are wearing. I love the picture, I love the style – however, I feel I shouldn’t because it is Vlisco. A friend handed me the booklet with their latest designs with the words ‘I know it is not really pc…‘. Vlisco is a Dutch company, who creates and sells Africa/Asia-inspired cloth to wealthy people in West Africa. The company has existed since 1846. Based on their origins, does this raise questions regarding Colonialism and Exploitation? Would love to hear what you guys think!

  1. If you are going to use African fabric it might as well be African. Ghana has some beautiful Hi Target wax cotton to rival Vlisco…

  2. I don't not see your problem. Folks who know better do better I mainly work with African textiles for over fifteen years and have never once purchased dutch wax print. Vilsco is not the only dutch company producing African print. I like traditional prints the African people who produce it send messages through the textile now that is genius and that is our tradition.