PrintPresents: Africa-inspired Gift Guide for the Holidays

Necklace – one of the gift ideas from ‘Catch a Vibe’

At least in the US, the holiday season starts right after Thanksgiving. Since all the lights are now up in the streets and windows, I am slowly getting into the holiday spirit. One of my favorite, most cheesy and corny Christmas songs ever that I love listening to is Mary’s Boy from Boney M. – let me know how you like it!

Notebook – another item from the gift guide

If you are looking for Africa-inspired gifts under $80 (£50), check out the Holiday Gift Guide from online-magazine Catch a Vibe.  The UK magazine that covers everything around Black arts and entertainment has selected 28 gifts with “a direct link to Africa by way of their designers or inspiration”. The guide offers accessories, books, pillows, bags – you name it. So if you are on the gift hunt, this collection might be a helpful inspiration.

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  1. I have to admit I was a huge Boney M fan as a kid, still can sing a lot of their songs ;) Big fan of the necklace too!

  2. LOL, me too! I don't think he is very well known beyond Europe though. My significant other had a laughing attack when he saw their videos :-)