Power of a Woman: Tanise Francis sends audience on the runway

Instead of sitting on your butt and watching the fashion show while sipping on a glass of white wine, Tanise Francis, designer of Fabric Twinz (F2), asked the audience at her show ‘Power of a Woman‘ to walk around and experience her new collection.

Very statuesque (pic by Drew Adlam)

Visitors could get a close-up look of the designs from the models who were lined-up like statues along the walls of the venue. The set-up invited the stylish and eclectic crowd to touch the clothes and even talk to the models. They looked like glamorous amazons that only turned their head slightly when cameras approached and questions were asked. Not confirmed, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if the most asked question of the night was “How can you ladies stand on those high heels for such a long time?”
The event took place on the last day of Fashion Week on the 4th floor of a building in Chelsea. Fingerfood from Ricardo Steakhouse was served as well as wine, water and energy drinks – Vitamin Water and Monster Energy were sponsors of the event.
“Power of A Woman” – the title of the event, showcased sexy evening and clubbing gear for stylish young women. The label prides itself on creating head-turning designs for women that “demand attention when they  walk into a room with the bold colors and form fitting design concepts”. Last Thursday, this concept certainly worked.

Find out more:
w: http://www.thefabrictwinz.com/
f: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fabric-Twinz/202812449320