Fashion-Inspirations: African Film Festival NY

Smarteez – Pictures by Chris SaundersI went to the African Film Festival in NYC yesterday. It is running until end of May, so get out there if you can to support and watch some great movies. It was very inspirational and uplifting to see and hear all the creative young people who are just doing their thing in fashion, music and the arts. I watched the two movies “The Creators” and “Stocktown X: South Africa“. In Stocktown the “Smarteez” were introduced – a group of friends, who were recognized as Joburg’s most stylish subculture. You can watch some of their interviews here. Super stylish and creative, I now totally want to find out more about them and will start doing some research.

  1. I find smarteez to be really fashionable and they are in their own league,please get more info on them and keep us posted coz am interested as well.

  2. I there, I am a fashion blogger – so I don't sell anything I just blog about fashion, trends and designers :-)