NOH NEE: Bavarian Dirndl & African Prints

Behind the label NOH NEE are the sisters Marie Darouiche and Rahmee Wetterich. Born and raised in Cameroon they now live in Munich, Germany. 

Inspired by their heritage and their new home in Bavaria, they started combining African cloth with the traditional Bavarian dress Dirndl: “The mix of different cultures and ideas – what we call ‘color mix’ – is the main essence of our designs and is what appeals to our global audience”.

NOH NEE has succeeded in making something old and traditional cool and hip. I would have never considered wearing a Dirndl before, it was just way too dowdy for me. But I would totally wear one of these NOH Nee Dirndls.

How about you? Would you wear an African Prints Dirndl?

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  • these dresses are amazing! your posts are always inspiring me to break the prints out of my closet.

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  • Thank you Helene. I really like these dresses, too!

  • You make me <3 them all...!!!!

  • very great trend , loving the prints !
    great job xo !

    comment back please ? :)

  • Thank you for your feedback Matthew Alexandre and Bloody Mary!

  • Anonymous

    I randomly discovered this shop today in Munich and I have to say I love this new twist to the the African dress and prints

  • Hi
    any chance we get these over here in UK?? These dresses are magnificent even i would like to wear these. But really great work..

  • Hi there, I would suggest to contact the label and ask. I am sure they would ship to the UK, too. Here are the contact details:

    Phone +49 89/88981270

  • Just gorgeous! how girly and flirtatious the designs and styles are! I just love your blog Ms. K you always amaze and give fabulous looks, so inspiring! I really need to tuck my pants and bring out skirts and dresses because obviously I'm missing out. Its time to be a girl again lol.

  • Brilliant!