AFWL interviews Nigerian Rapper Eva Alordiah for store opening

Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is opening its first concession boutique Studio 29 in Lagos, Nigeria. For the launch, AFWL did a fashion shoot and interview with Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah.

AFWL: How did you get involved with the Studio 29 shoot?
Eva: One of the designers, Asake Oge is a real good friend. She told me about it and I thought, why not? You know, I love to take photos – anything that has me dressing up and posing for the camera gets me excited.  It really was a fun shoot, I’m glad I did it.

AFWL: So which looks were your favorites and why?
Eva: I think the red & blue jumpsuit, and the Yutees dress. I think I felt too sexy in the red dress; I am really not used to feeling that super sexy and having clothes feeling all snug up around my tiny curves. The blue jumpsuit fit perfectly. Plus I looked great in the photos.

AFWL: You most certainly did – sexy in a cheeky way! But beyond this shoot, how would you describe your style?
Eva: I am a very spontaneous person when it comes to fashion and style. My style really is edgy. I’m a dark person, or should I say, I am very connected to my dark sides. Let’s just say my favourite place to shop ever has been Camden Town! That pretty much summarises my style. I love black, leather, spikes; more black, more spikes, boots. I am not exactly a girly girl. When I am, I feel too sexy and I don’t consider myself sexy, so it’s all weird for me. I am edgy. That is all.

AFWL: Any favorite Nigerian stylists and fashion designers you can name?
Eva: I have worked with some very talented stylists over time. There’s Tosin, who’s one of my favorites, and for a guy, he comes correct. I have worked with Ebun Aboderin, Yolanda for Rani, who are all sweet darlings to work with.

As for designers, there’s just a huge list to choose from. I absolutely adore Ejiro Amos Tafiri. She has a way with defining the structure of a woman (…). There’s also Ugonna of House of Nwocha who really pays attention to detail. And then I have an April by Kunbi piece which I really love, but I haven’t had an opportunity of working with her directly. Oh and there’s Lady Stylista Couture! So many talented designers, I could go on and on…

AFWL: What do you think of the rise of African fashion?
Eva: Its absolutely brilliant, just really amazing to watch, you know? I remember when we all wanted to dress western. Now it seems like if you do not have an African fashion piece in your ensemble, then you are not complete. That’s just crazy. Plus, we are global now. Good stuff!

AFWL: Finally, what to expect from Eva in the near future?
Eva: Oh! A whole lot! I’m currently working on music non-stop and there’s a line of videos to go on location for which I cannot wait. There’s no pressure really. I just hope I have God’s grace enough to do what I want to. The fans have been very supportive. I’m super grateful to have that.

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Photography: Hakeem Salaam

Styling: Maryanne Alabi and Asake OgoroMake up: Eva Alordiah