Afro-Chic: New Brand Mefie

Whenever I am convinced that I have enough bags, clutches and totes – there comes a label along that gives me the “okay, maybe just one more bag as this one is really unique” feeling. I had this epiphany when discovering the new label Mefie (mé fíéy), which means “my home” in Twi, one of the Akan languages spoken in Ghana.
The brand was started by Samantha White in 2012, after a trip to Ghana. An artist she met commented that “for him, painting was not about making money but about having his work appreciated and seen worldwide“. This triggered in Samantha the desire to create a company that showcases the beauty of African crafts.
Mefie first started out with wax print cushions and handbags made in Ghana and expanded their line with lower and higher end leather hand bags. 

I love especially these chic and elegant leather bags, I could totally rock them for work or for going out. How about you – any favorites? 

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