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Monday, December 3, 2012

Selfridges Presents Fashion from Nigerian Designers

Picture by my brother Tawia, who is holiday shopping in London
I wish I would be in London right now! Selfridges just launched a pop-up store that presents some of the top Nigerian designers. The pop-up store is organized by Ndani, a Nigerian Fashion Project to showcase the best of Lagos Fashion and Design Week.
5 top designers are presenting their clothes and accessories: Jewel by Lisa, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Eki Orleans, Odio Mimonet and Tiffany Amber
In addition there are also clothes by the two emerging designers Agu Anumudu and House of Silk

Picture from Selfridges
After Duro Olowu announced his cooperation with jcp, Selfridges is another big retailer that takes interest into African Fashion Designers. 

I hope this trend continues! Can't wait to walk into a store and buy myself a piece of African Haute Couture.


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    1. I know, right! Are you still in London? I would love to check-it out!


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