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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lena Hoschek: Austria's answer to Stella Jean?

Graz-based designer Lena Hoschek wowed the audience at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin with her designs inspired by African prints. The collection titled "Hot Mama Africa" - ouch, yes that's what it was really called - combined feminine cuts from the 50ies and 60ies with the colorful and multifaceted prints. 

It wasn't as bold and fashion-forward as the first collection from Stella Jean, but the overall aesthetic and just the fact that Hoschek's whole collection was Africa-inspired and not just some pieces, made me think of the Haitian-Italian designer. But even though I am poking fun at the oh so stereotypical title, I really like the dresses and can see myself wearing one. Worth mentioning: Per sold clothing 2 Euro are being donated to SWAP – Safe Water and AIDS Project.

How do you like the collection?

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  1. I searched the website to purchase, found nothing listed under this collection

    1. Hi Ilenia, it is Summer 2015 - so you will have to wait just a little bit longer until it is available :-)

  2. This looks a little too much like Stella Jean's pieces. But it' a beautiful collection

  3. Love this collection. But yes it is quite reminiscent of SJ.

    Natasha B|

  4. I didn't realize each country was going to try to come back with a copy of a new top designer. I'm sure she's not interested in being called another Stella Jean. And looks exactly like SJ but without the flare.


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