Fashion Finds: The Bangle-Bag

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day in Brooklyn and I visited one of my favorite stores – Nicholas. I call it my gift store, as I always go here first, when I am in need of a Birthday gift and I bought my favorite FELA! T-Shirt here, too.
They had these great small bangle-bags made out of African textiles on display. The bags are from the Brooklyn Designer Mamayashi and are only 20 bucks. The bangle-bag seems to be a good accessory for going out dancing. Much more handy than the big bag, that I usually bring along and then I either end up placing it on the floor and dancing around it; or I am carrying it the whole night on my shoulder and bump with it into other fellow dancers, who will give me annoyed looks in return. 
Not sure, why I didn’t by the bangle-bag already yesterday. But I decided that I will go back for it!

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