“Trendy Designs for all Occasions”: Ghanaian Accessories Label Roots

APiF: Please introduce your business and your designs.
Naa: At Roots our vision is creating fashion accessories using African fabrics and African embellishments like beads, twine, etc. Our designs range from brooches, corsages, hair-bands, rings, embellished flip-flops, embellished raffia bags, hair clips and more. All our creations are hand-made.

APiF: When and why did you start designing with African Prints and Fabrics? 
Naa: We are 10 months old and it has been an amazing journey. My vision is to promote Ghanaian textiles in a different light to the world. Most people focus on the design of clothing and I simply identified a gap in fashion accessories, so I decided to bridge that gap. It is about time that we Ghanaians start making what we wear and show the world the beauty of our textiles and embellishments.

APiF: How do u feel about the new African Prints/Fabric trend?
Naa: It is an exciting time for the African fabric because some years back, Ghanaians only wore Ghanaian textiles to church and funerals. But it’s so beautiful to see the awesome trendy designs created for all occasions!

APiF: What inspires u?
Naa: God. Sometimes an idea just pops into my mind and I know it is God, who is the Master of Creativity, giving me this idea. Once I get started on it, the end result is beautiful.

APiF: How do you market your designs?   
Naa: Social media is my marketing tool and it is really powerful. I am using Facebook and Twitter to showcase my creations and so far it has been very effective.

APiF: Fashion Finds: What is your favorite piece in your closet or of your collection and why?
Naa: I made a rolled roses hair-band and it took me about an hour to finish. The hair-band is beautiful in its simplicity.

APiF: Any tips for new designers/start-ups in the fashion industry? 
Naa: I see myself to be a new designer as well and I have met some challenges along the way, but by the grace of God I am still at it. As a new designer, use the power of the internet to market yourself and to discover new trends in fashion. It is important to also network with other designers to get fresh eyes on ideas etc. and also don’t hold back on your creativity. Create a niche for yourself and be the initiator of a fashion trend!

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