“Step out exclusively” with Qute Fashion, London

APiF: Please introduce your business and your designs.
Elizabeth Batchelor: Qute Fashion is a fashion label – we are designing our own clothing and selling it exclusively online. In addition we offer a tailored design service to customers. Qute Fashion’s designs are never mass produces so you can be sure to step out exclusively.

APiF: Why prints?
Elizabeth: Print is fun, print is empowering and print is inspiring!

Qute Fashion: What inspires you?
Elizabeth: When designing, I aim to create the million dollar feeling you get when you put on a dress or outfit, you feel confident and you know that you look good! Everyone deserves to feel this way! So I guess this is what inspires me.

APiF: If your label would be a person, what kind of person would it be?
Elizabeth: Qute Fashion would be a lady who believes in herself, has an air of confidence and loves to make every moment hers.

APiF: Fashion Finds: What is your favorite piece in your closet or of your collection and why?
Elizabeth: From the current collections on qutefashion.com I absolutely love the open back satin trim dress (red). It is one of those dresses I can imagine walking down the street in and a passerby looks and thinks wow what an amazing/striking print and then as I walk by they turn to further take it in and then WOW. The unexpected detail on the back! What a way to make an impression.

APiF: Any tips for new designers/start-ups in the fashion industry?
Elizabeth: Do it because you love it! It is a tough business but your love of fashion/designing will keep you motivated and working to reach your goals.

Find out more:
shop: http://www.qutefashion.com/
like: https://www.facebook.com/QuteFashionX

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