The new ASOS Africa collection

Finally, ASOS Africa is back with some interesting pieces in their new S/S 2012 collection. I had been complaining for a while, that I am not as imprinted as I used to be by the designs they were offering under the ASOS Africa category. For this line, Kitenge prints were “rescaled, recolored and given some fluorescent highlights”. The collection will be available on the 30th of April.

How do you like the collection? I like both skirts, but I am leaning more to the one on the left. Which of the skirts above would you wear?

  1. Miss a day miss a lot! I get excited coming to your blog because every item posted is breath taken! And who knew Asos had African print clothing?! Wow!!! Obviously I've been living under a rock lol. Great stuff (as per usual!) (-: my pick is the skirt on the left. Just stunning

    Candace Belle