Afrobikinis by Adama Paris

Photos by Mario EpanyaIt is almost that time of year again: beach season! Okay, I admit I am early and it is only April. But in my experience it is never too early to get your swimwear together. By the time Summer rolls around the best items are usually gone or no longer available in my size. 
Afropolitan designer Adama Paris has created diverse swimwear that should appeal to all kind of body types: “I wanted to create something that would appeal to different women and make them feel womanly and sexy too.” And who better to showcase her Afrobikinis than the contestants for Miss Black France – an event that will take place this month in Paris. 
Which of the ladies will manage to get the Miss Black France title? Hard to guess, as they are all gorgeous. However, I have already selected my favorite Afrobikini – the one top left. Which bikini is your top candidate?

Updates: The swimwear range from 65 to 85 Euros (85 to 112 US Dollars). For all buying and general enquiries, please contact

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  1. I really like the colors of the first two bikinis but would choose a different bikini top style. I need more support ;)