Sexy Prints: Beachwear by Stella Jean

Stella Jean, Italian-Haitian designer, did it again. After her mind-blowing Spring/Summer collection, she is back with bikinis and swimsuits. The bottom pieces as well as some of the one piece suits remind me of beachwear styles in the 50ies. Aren’t these designs just awesome? I could totally see myself in them at the beach!
Check-out the interview I did with Stella Jean earlier this year:This collection reflects me completely.”
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  1. I love those retro bikini pants but always feel that I can't pull them off. Maybe I should give it a try…The prints are gorgeous!

  2. I know, I am also really excited about this collection and hope it will be available online soon for purchasing.

  3. I love the idea of a beach-jacket. Firstly because I NEVER sunbathe and secondly because I´m more comfortable a bit dressed up on the beach, when I´m not in the water. That could be an useful idea, whenever its summer again in Sweden:)