Nneka for Minku Bags

Nigerian-German singer Nneka, who’s music I love, is showcasing the new collection from Minku Bags
Minku is a Nigerian leather goods company that creates beautiful hand-made bags. Their claim is: “hand-made leather goods for a happier life”. That usually works for me, as every additional bag puts automatically a smile on my face.
The AW 2012 collection is called Folklorist Reloaded. And here comes their explanation: “The power of folklorists to unveil old ways and help us imagine new possibilities through their colorful folktales.” I actually like that and it is quite fitting to have singer and songwriter Nneka showcase this collection, as she does the same through her powerful and beautiful songs.
Find out more:w: http://minkudesign.com/f: https://www.facebook.com/NnekaWorldf: https://www.facebook.com/minkudesign

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