Prints of the Week: Tigersushi Furs

I should have probably called this post “Brand name of the Week”, as Tigersushi Furs is quite a unique and unusual name. The fashion brand was created in Paris as an extension of a music label. The three founders want their label to be creative, radical and playful. By creating woolly, unisex jumpers and cardigans with African wax patterns, they are definitely living up to their vision.
How do you like these jumpers?

Find out more here:
  • LPFashionPhilosophy

    Love the prints!

    ox from NYC!


  • Zonzon

    These are just great! I'm a big fan of cardigans and these being made of wool is just perfect. Thanks a lot of this tip.

  • I will obviously need to step up my plain colored cardigans after seeing these beauties! Wow!!