The Pictures Are By Pir Art Production T-Shirts with print-applications and small accessories like bow ties: The French label BE WAX by Mathieu Mendy is making bold statements with African fabrics.
I really like the T-Shirts and they look fab on jeans. According to Mathieu, the motto of his label is “BE WAX, NO MATTER WHAT, STILL WAX”. Alright then, to wax-up your life, check-out their facebook page. The brand is also planning to have an online shop really soon.

  • It's funny you posted this because I was thinking to myself it would be great to have a casual wear in African prints. This seems easy enough to wear w jeans like you said or even slightly dressed up w a skirt and blazer.

  • Thank you for making me discover the brand !

  • M.

    Love the post! Super original. The T-shirts are amazing!


  • Right, they would also look great with a dress and blazer. I want one!

  • You are welcome, this is a great young/emerging brand and it is great that everyone seems to love their designs!

  • Thank you! I agree these Tees are simple but great.

  • Jade Leaf
  • Very cute! And might inspire a DIY project. Hmmm

  • Anonymous

    Where can i buy these tees. so beautiful

  • Hi there, you can contact the designer directly here and order a Tee via email as they don't have an online shop yet.

  • Anonymous

    slt, vraiment magnifique !!!!! il n'y a toujours pas deboutique en ligne ???