Discount: Shop Africa-inspired accessories at Umba

Accessories label Umba is offering a 15% discount for all APiF readers who shop in their online store within the next 7 days. Just enter the code APIF at check-out!

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APiF: What does Umba stand for?
Chloe Mahogany: Umba is Swahili and means to create, make, or mold.

APiF: What do you guys offer?
Chloe: Umba is an African textile jewelry and accessory line that only uses high quality wax fabric. Umba caters to men, women and children. We predominantly use Ankara fabrics which are expressed culturally through rich vibrant patterns and colorful designs. ‘The world we live in’ often dictates what we should wear, we respond by crafting timeless pieces that evolve every generation.

Every piece of jewelry from Umba is handcrafted and custom made, no two pieces are ever identical. So hurry and get your timeless piece for 15% off. Umba offers this discount for APiF readers until Saturday, the 13th of October, 11:59 pm EST. Just enter the code APIF at check-out! Umba ships internationally.

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