Duro Olowu for Anyone!

Sneak Peak: Duro Olowu at jcp (Picture from InStyle)

Sneak Peak: Duro Olowu at jcp (Picture from InStyle)Nigerian designer Duro Olowu is going to collaborate with J.C. Penney for a Spring 2013 Collection. Yes, you heard that one right.

I love Olowu’s designs, but they have always been a tad bit too pricey for me. According to an interview on InStyle everything in the Olowu@jcp collection will be under 100 US Dollars.  I am super excited but also astonished that he is partnering with J.C. Penney, a store I usually never go to as it seems way too frumpy.

The department store is obviously trying to change its image and copying H&M and Target by starting designer collaborations. Great choice that they selected with Duro Olowu an African designer!

Piece from Olowu’s latest collection The collection will hit jcp stores in March.

In the InStyle interview Olowu explains his motivation for the collaboration: “I’ve always tried to give women a sense of inner beauty with joy, and now it’s just the right time to make that more democratic. When I was thinking about this collection, I wanted to give American classic shapes and ideas a global flair. This collection is for anyone, from 18 to 80. Everything has a flattering element, whether you mix prints or pull out one piece and keep it simple.”

I honestly cannot wait!
Are you as excited as I am?

Find out more:
w: http://www.duroolowu.com

  1. I know, I am honestly super excited, too. There is only one jcp in Manhattan, but I am sure there is one in Queens, too?

  2. You mean I can actually walk into a major department store to purchase clothes by an African designer?! That's great! I hope it does well.

  3. Wow! I am really excited about this as well. You need to be a the Press Preview and let us know what the goodies are.