Looking Good: Which guy, ummm style do you like best?

Orange CultureJoshua Kissi from Street EtiquetteLaurenceAirlinehttp://africalooksgoodonyou.tumblr.com/http://africalooksgoodonyou.tumblr.com/http://africalooksgoodonyou.tumblr.com/http://africalooksgoodonyou.tumblr.com/I like to look at men in great outfits and at brothers that have some style. Gone are the days when a guy’s wardrobe consisted out of 2 tees and 2 pairs of jeans only (or so I hope). 
Which of the 7 styles above do you like best and which one is a no no for you?

  1. Hi Hi, sandals can look good on men – but it is usually best if they don't expose too much of the foot, I agree.

  2. I loved #1 until I saw the sandals. Sandals are a no-no for me…on men. I think my fave is Joshua Kissi.