Ten About Me

One of the style blogs I follow – The Feisty House – just posted 10 things that her readers don’t know about her. This inspired me to do the same. Voila, here is some random stuff about myself.

Participate! Post some random information about yourself in the comment section below! I would love to read it.

1. Green is my favorite color.
2. I have too many shoes, too many bags, too many clothes – but at least once a week I feel like I have nothing to wear. Seriously!
3. I cross the street when I see a huge dog from afar. Huge dog = anything larger than a Pug.
4. I consider myself an introvert, so my new project subwaystylesny.com will be a challenge – but one I look forward to!
5. I love Red Velvet Cake but haven’t eaten any since the Cake Man closed his shop in BK.
6. Sometimes I am convinced I am psychic, because I know things before they happen. Lottery numbers not included!
7. I buy a lot of books. Once read, I give them to friends or put them outside on the curb for whomever.
8. I am not a pessimist, I am a skeptic and a realist. Optimists just don’t get that.
9. I am addicted to Starbucks coffee! I need a venti latte in the morning, even if it means running late.
10. I love meat and sausages. Thus I haven’t read the book Eating Animals yet that a good friend gave me for my birthday. Sorry Semka ;-)

  1. 1). I am addicted to everything related to sex and the city
    2). I want to start writing a blog
    3). My favourate color is black, im trying to start wearing bright colors
    4). I have had not relaxed my hair in 3 months
    5). I want to move to the UK one day
    6). I plan to go to grad school one day
    7). I love watching wedding videos on youtube
    8). I have twix bars on my night stand incase i go hungry during the night
    9). I have a gym membership i do not use
    10). I love ankara dresses

  2. Thank you for sharing your 10 random things, it is awesome for me to learn more about my readers! Regarding 9) yes, that applies to many of us!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I can totally relate to 4, too! I remember I once brought a book with me to an event as it was so captivating that I couldn't leave it at home.

  4. 1.My favorite is color is purple, because it represents royalty
    2.I get more excited to meet authors than celebrities
    3.I feel like I have nothing to wear every day except Sat and Sun
    4.I can block out 99% of noises when I am reading a good book
    5.I still go to physical libraries and check out books
    6.Whether the glass is half full or half empty, depends on what's in the glass!
    7.Gewurztraminer is my favorite type of wine
    8.I've been driving the same car for 8 years
    9.I am in love with cities
    10.I'm addicted to everything that comes on TLC

  5. Hahaha… Your mumber 9. <3
    1. I want things I get bored off once at my disposal.
    2. Sometimes the line between reality and fantasy is blur
    3. Neighbourgoods markets are my escape
    4. Random photographs are the truest reflection. I love taking pictures!
    5. I'm not a fan of reality T.v shows… I'd rather listen to my music, thank you.
    6. This year, I want to read on African Philosophy
    7. I want to finish reading most books I buy. After page 170-200, I tend to lose interest.
    8. I need to wear my Converse less and glam it up a bit.
    9. I contradict myself. I live with an open mind and have my beeing rooted in principles.


  6. 1. I found out that what I've always thought was my straight face is actually an intense frown :(
    2. I hate that all my favorite foods take so much energy to make. Like banku. Sign*
    3. It amuses me how some people react to African Prints as if it is a new trend :D
    4. It amuses me how some people have this idea that there is a singular look and accent that goes with being African
    5. I feel bad because I haven't read anything in so long.
    6. My friends think I am a shopaholic, but I always return most of what I buy >:)
    7. Without a good sunny day, I am a big mess.
    8. I love the taste of over-brewed green tea.
    9. I've a habit of apologizing for everything.
    10. I am looking forward to your new blog (Subwaystyleny). It would be very gutsy of you.

  7. Well. I'm looking forward to your new blog as a great friend of street style. Good luck for a new attempt.

  8. Totally stealing this idea and using a questionnaire I did on FB! I can't wait to see the subway styles. GREAT idea~

  9. Thanks Nicole! I “stole” that idea too – it is a great way to share more about yourself with your followers.