Ten About Me

One of the style blogs I follow – The Feisty House – just posted 10 things that her readers don’t know about her. This inspired me to do the same. Voila, here is some random stuff about myself.

Participate! Post some random information about yourself in the comment section below! I would love to read it.

1. Green is my favorite color.
2. I have too many shoes, too many bags, too many clothes – but at least once a week I feel like I have nothing to wear. Seriously!
3. I cross the street when I see a huge dog from afar. Huge dog = anything larger than a Pug.
4. I consider myself an introvert, so my new project subwaystylesny.com will be a challenge – but one I look forward to!
5. I love Red Velvet Cake but haven’t eaten any since the Cake Man closed his shop in BK.
6. Sometimes I am convinced I am psychic, because I know things before they happen. Lottery numbers not included!
7. I buy a lot of books. Once read, I give them to friends or put them outside on the curb for whomever.
8. I am not a pessimist, I am a skeptic and a realist. Optimists just don’t get that.
9. I am addicted to Starbucks coffee! I need a venti latte in the morning, even if it means running late.
10. I love meat and sausages. Thus I haven’t read the book Eating Animals yet that a good friend gave me for my birthday. Sorry Semka ;-)