Me and my Red Lion Tote Bag

The ethical fashion label Johari asked me to participate in their Johari Style Challenge. I selected this red lion tote bag from their website to showcase on my blog. Temperatures were in the 30s (F) today, so quite cold! I still managed to leave my marshmallow coat at home and wore instead a long grey sweater and jeans with dark patches on the knees (both H&M) plus my favorite military jacket with fake leather sleeves. The black and white blanket scarf is another one of my go to winter pieces.

Johari means something precious in Swahili. All items are handmade in Kenya and 100% of the profit goes towards the Johari Foundation’s Miale programs which support children and young adults with education, vocational, social and basic needs.

I love my new red lion tote bag! It has already qualified as the perfect weekend hangout bag, as I managed to put my camera, my trainers, magazines and a scarf in it. Get your own lion bag or select another precious item in the Johari online store.

  1. I love Tote and this one is lovely! And ur jacket mmmmmm love it!

  2. This bag looks great, and it is very easy to carry. One more thing, that designing of that African bag is very much attractive and it is also different from any normal bags.