You asked for it: Peplum Dresses!

Peplum is still trending. I was on the fence at first, because I was worried that they wouldn’t be a good fit for my body type and make me look bigger. But eventually I faltered, and now I am the proud owner of 2 peplum tops: one in bright blue leather and one in tweed. I received an email from readers asking for peplum dress inspirations. And as all my readers are dear to me, I did a little research and this is what I found. What do you think? Any favorites? Some of the ‘dresses’ are actually skirts combined with peplum tops – but the combo gives the illusion of a one piece!

Ankara Peplum
Tanya Nefertari
Kitenge Peplum Dress
Sika Designs
Kalida African Print Dress
Boxing Kitten

  1. Hi Tynia, – I linked to the websites of the designs that had one. Some of them have online stores like Boxing Kitten or Sika Designs.
    I hope that helps!